Nitrium Dashboard

A Single Dashboard.
So Many Benefits!

Nitrium’s intuitive, robust dashboard gives you control over your entire fleet of devices from a single point of command. Whether you are rolling out new features or releasing a firmware update, Nitrium empowers you to maintain all your devices securely and quickly with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Nitrium Updates Are Quick and Easy

Create a Nitrium Account
Download and Integrate the SDK
Register Your Devices
Upload Firmware Update Package
Schedule Firmware Deployment
Let Nitrium Handle the Rest

The Nitrium Advantage

Speed Time to Market

It takes 3-6 months to build an OTA update solution. Nitrium speeds your time to market by allowing your developers to focus on your device’s functionality.

Reduce Costs

Building your own solution includ­ing managing the backend server infrastructure, support and maintenance can cost 10-20x more than using an existing solution.

Deploy Securely

Our “end-to-end” IoT security philosophy allows you to safely push OTA updates knowing you’re covered by the latest security practices. Learn more about Nitrium’ s end-to-end security.

Scale Instantly

A web-based user interface allows you to easily upload and manage firmware across many different products and devices for just a few or up to millions of devices quickly and easily.

Simplify the Update Process

Cloud storage provided on the platform eliminates the complexity of uploading and retrieving packages and firmware from your own software solutions.

Gather Device Intelligence

A robust activity dashboard shows live connected devices, as well as other meta-data useful for metric analysis and device troubleshooting.

Control Your Rollouts

Easily group your devices by geography, software version or other attributes to customize deployment details like how and when to deploy for subsets of your entire fleet.

Hardware & Software Agnostic

Our inclusive platform is vendor-independent, allowing you to update devices that use any hardware, software or firmware for maximum device design flexibility.


Consumer Electronics
Smart Manufacturing
Transportation & Logistics
Smart Agriculture

Who We Are

Geisel Software is a custom software development company with a highly-trained, innovative team that creates elegantly-designed, world-class web, mobile apps and embedded software that not only works to perfection, but scales to fit our clients’ business needs.

Nitrium™ originated when our team of talented engineers found themselves repeatedly creating solutions to safely and securely update distributed devices for their clients. The Nitrium platform incorporates years of research and best practices, and allows users to easily and safely update and manage firmware for their entire fleet of devices.

The GSI team created Nitrium to protect and empower IoT device fleets by streamlining the IoT firmware update process. Do you need help deploying Nitrium, or dialing in your product architecture or security strategy? Then head over to the GSI site and let’s build something extraordinary together!