Nitrium’s Key Features

Scalable & Reliable Cloud-based SaaS Platform

  • Device grouping – multiple groups can have multiple versions of released firmware
  • Cloud storage included to reduce complexity and sprawl
  • Manager of manager capability – nested permissions: company with multiple divisions; one billing account
  • Phased rollouts (percentage of devices per time increment) for ease of deployment and to avoid bricking your entire fleet
  • Live activity dashboard that shows inventory status, metrics, and data needed for analysis
  • Bandwidth conscious update methods – update only your application, OS package, Bootloader, etc.


  • For Integration of CI/CD and Other Automated Workflows

Faster Development with our SDK

Support for Diverse Platforms:

  • Generic Linux-based deployments
  • Embedded SoC options (like ESP32 and ESP8266)

Language and Architecture-specific Access:

  • Python SDK (currently)
  • ANSI C based SDK (to be released)
  • Full SDK source code available to customers
  • Example code provided

End-to-end Security

  • User authenticated login
  • Firmware signatures to ensure origin & prevent corruption
  • Strong TLS Encryption
  • Complete audit logs

Inventory Based Bulk Creation Capability

  • Approved list of devices (pre-registered) to receive updates
  • Integration with Nitrium portal for automation of new devices

Initialization Firmware For New Devices

  • Allowing devices to have first-time “factory” firmware